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Margarita pops: Why should the kids have all the fun?

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cherry popsicleIf you've ever tried to make your own grown-up version of your kids' fruit popsicle, you'll have discovered that alcohol doesn't freeze so well. In fact, a little googling showed physics-deprived me that alcohol does indeed freeze, but needs much colder temperatures than provided by the average home freezer (which I'd discovered myself through trial and error, but now I know why).

Well, boo. What if mommy (or daddy or Aunt Suzie or Uncle Fred) wants a margarita popsicle while the tots are having their wholesome real-fruit-juice frozen goodies?

Epicurious has a great way around the non-freezing alcohol problem. What you do is take a few regular store-bought lime popsicles, and over top of them you pour a lime juice-tequila mix, and then rim the popsicle with salt. Is that not brilliant??

While lime margaritas are one of my top three summer vices, if you prefer something else, this would be a very simple recipe to modify for just about any fruity summer drink

[via: Tipnut]



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