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candle wedding centerpieceSo your wedding day is near, and you still haven't made up your mind about table centerpieces.

Last year, I wrote a post with ideas for 8 do it yourself wedding centerpieces. It's been very popular since it was published, but I know that there are hundreds of additional impressive ways to go about making a beautiful visual feature for your guest's tables.

Let's face it: you want your wedding day to be perfect, and saving money on your centerpieces will give you a sigh of relief. Knowing that you and your wedding party made them yourselves will also give you great satisfaction. "Inexpensive" does not necessarily mean "cheap"; anything that you can do for your wedding day or even your day to day life to save money will make you happier in the long run.

Follow me after the break, as I try again to give you some inexpensive ideas for creating your own beautiful centerpieces.

  1. Find some pretty long-stemmed ice cream dishes, and fill them with colored gel beads. Place the dishes on glass trays. Place candles in the colors of your wedding into the center of the dishes, and surround the stems with potpourri or other fragrant decorations of your choice.
  2. I'm with blogger Debra McDuffee and her love for painted terra cotta pots. You can often find small pots at chain stores for pennies. While you're looking for the pots, check out the flower center too; you may be able to find discounted plants. Transfer the plants to the terra cotta pots. You can use peat moss, potpourri, baby's breath or colored marbles to hide the dirt. Add a large ribbon and/or streamers to the pot, and you now have an inexpensive centerpiece.
  3. By placing colored sand or sugar in votive candle holders, and placing two or three holders on a mirror, you can make a small centerpiece look dramatic. Stagger the height of the votives, and arrange and intertwine ivy or baby's breath around the votive holders. Give the arrangement some color with flower heads in the colors of your wedding.
  4. Fruit baskets are colorful and elegant. You can find nice sturdy-yet-cheap urns at the dollar store. Just fill the bottom with foam or packing peanuts, arrange apples, oranges and lemons in the urn, place some twigs and leaves sporadically around the fruit, and finish by placing potpourri or flower petals around the base of the urn.
  5. Empty champagne bottles can be the start for great centerpiece decorations. Simply put long-stemmed flowers in the "vase", then grab some floral wire and your shorter-stemmed flowers. Place the short stems in floral foam, and use floral wire to hold the flowers to the bottle, while effectively hiding the foam. Don't forget to keep the foam moist. An alternative is to use un-opened champagne bottles for your guests to enjoy when they get home.
  6. You and your bridesmaids do not have to carry your bouquets around all night. Rather than going through the trouble of finding someone to hold them, use the bouquets as centerpiece decorations. Also, consider having some decorated baskets ready and waiting on the tables for the corsages and boutonnieres to be placed in them; they can be decorative, too.
  7. Another way to use colored sand and candles: Draw designs on the candles with a craft glue pen, and dip the candles in colored sand. Then you may arrange the candles on decorative trays or mirrors, or place them in short-stemmed crystal dishes.
  8. I saw some really beautiful candelabras at the thrift store the other day. They didn't look the best, but the wheels of my imagination started turning. Candelabras can easily be painted in your wedding colors. Intertwine some ivy, baby's breath, moss, or ribbon to the candelabra stems, and place some rose petals around the base.
Now that summer is here, peruse garage and estate sales, not to mention thrift stores and dollar stores. You can often find great bargains on candles, baskets, and other centerpiece accessories.

Even if your wedding day is coming this weekend, you'll be amazed how quickly you can arrange a beautiful centerpiece. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids, use your imagination, and when you're done, you may still have time to sit back and relax before you say "I do."



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