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Painting with Kool-Aid

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Kool-Aid paintingDo you remember those scented markers that were on the market during the 70s and 80s? Everything smelled great except the black licorice marker... that was utterly vile. While I'm sure there are still scented markers available for purchase, why not try painting with Kool-Aid?

Jacki wrote about this fun project over on That's Fit. Have your kids outline a picture with markers, but don't color it in. Mix different colors of Kool-Aid in different cups -- use only two tablespoons of water for each packet. Using paintbrushes, let your kids color in their masterpiece with the Kool-Aid "paint."

After about 20 minutes the paintings should be dry. Your kids can lightly scratch the surface of their painting and enjoy the scented colors. Fruit makes a great subject for the paintings because, as one young Kool-Aid artist exclaimed, "the oranges really smell like oranges!"


  • Debbie

    Much healthier than drinking it! :-)

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