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Three handmade wedding favor ideas

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assorted seed packets

You're so close to walking down the aisle... only a few finishing touches on your DIY wedding, and you'll be ready for the big day. You've made your invitations, your bouquet, and your centerpieces, but have you thought about your favors yet?

Back when I got married, in an attempt to keep my wedding super-simple, we bought personalized votive candles and stuck them on the tables. Pretty much done, but looking back, I could have done something nearly as easy that:
  • showed our personality more as a couple
  • had a creative touch
  • fit the theme of our wedding
  • really said "thank you" to our guests.
If I could do it all over again, I'd choose one of these three favors.

Wedding favor ideas(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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Personalized CDs

My cousin and his wife made these up for the wedding party when they got married, with each member's all-time favorite song. I thought this was a nice touch, and if you take it one step further, you could make it really meaningful to all of your guests. Some songs to include would be:
  • the song you and your new spouse first danced to
  • the bride and her father's first dance
  • the groom and his mother's first dance
  • a song or two from the band you chose for your wedding
  • a tacky wedding "classic," like YMCA, Oh, What a Night, or anything by Neil Diamond (I mean no disrespect, Neil)
  • your parents' and grandparents' favorite love songs
  • songs you grew up listening to with your family
  • college faves of the wedding party
  • traditional songs fro the cultures of your families
  • cultural songs from your honeymoon destination
The sky is the limit with the vast selection of music out there, so have fun with it.

After you've chosen your songs and burned your CDs, you can design and print your labels, both for the CD itself and the jewel case. You can get appropriate blank labels at an office supply store and go to town, designing to match your wedding theme.

Seed packets

This favor would have fit the theme of our outdoor garden wedding so well (although record-breaking rainfall put the outdoor part to bed), and it still fits us as a couple. If you are all-natural types, a couple that loves to be outside and take good care of the environment, seeds are a fitting choice.

There are so many types of seeds from which to choose:
  • your favorite flower
  • flowers used in your wedding decorations
  • any colorful, festive flower
  • a tree
  • vegetables, either edible or ornamental
You could even gift your guests with an already-planted seedling, or a bulb. Heck, you'll be doing your part in oxygenating the planet if your guests plant them!

Did you choose? Now you're ready to make the packets pretty.
  • Slide each packet into an organza bag and attach a tag to the ribbon, explaining the favor and thanking your guests.
  • Create a "cigar band" label to affix around your seed packet, with ribbon or metallic stretchy cord, or even just some hidden tape in the back. These are easily printed on your computer, on handmade paper with a personalized saying.
  • Wrap the seed packet like a present with a delicate tulle ribbon and glue on a silk flower at the knot, along with a tag personalizing the favor.

Now, back when I was planning my wedding, I was far away from wanting food as a favor. Everyone did Jordan almonds, chocolates, or the like. I didn't get it, and probably they didn't either. The reason sweets are traditionally given as favors is to symbolize the sweetness of marriage. That's pretty cute and meaningful, but who knows that fact?

I suggest letting your guests know exactly why they are getting the food favors you chose with a note or poem attached to the favor. Here are some suggestions:
  • your favorite candy or dried fruit to symbolize the sweetness of marriage
  • four different foods, each representing one of the bitter, sweet, sour, and savory tastes in our palate, to symbolize the many flavors of marriage
  • cultural or seasonal food specific to your wedding (my cousin did candy apples for his fall wedding)
  • bread and wine, symbolizing health and happiness (in the Polish tradition)
  • food that fits the theme of your wedding, like a mini-bottle of Tabasco sauce for a Cajun wedding, or salt-water taffy for an oceanside wedding.
Need more ideas? Visit the gallery to see some real wedding favors featuring CDs, seeds, and food.

Now I will live vicariously through all of you as you create personal, memorable favors for your wedding that honor your guests.


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