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plastic water bottleAs I have said many times before; almost everything has more than one use, and I believe it is our duty as inhabitants of this planet to recycle as many items as possible, sometimes reusing the same item over and over again.

Plastic soda and water bottles are items that can be reused. Join me after the break, as I give you a list of things that you can reuse plastic bottles for, which I found over at Green Home.

  1. Make a fly trap and a wasp trap.
  2. Punch some holes around the bottom of the bottle, and use it to water your plants when you're away for a few days.
  3. Cut the bottom off the bottle, fill it with homemade potpourri, and cover it with lace and a ribbon for a nice potpourri holder. Use the top of the bottle for a funnel.
  4. Cut a slit near the top, and use it as a piggy bank. Have the kids decorate their bank if they wish.
  5. I cannot live without my coffee, if my percolator ever breaks and I'm in a pinch, I can cut a bottle in half and use the top of the bottle as a funnel, put in a filter and coffee grounds, and pour hot water to make coffee. Proceed with caution, as I think the bottle could get really hot, and hot liquids aren't meant to be used in plastic soda bottles!
  6. Make a "motion ocean" bottle by placing water and oil in a bottle, adding glitter and some shiny items to the bottle and hypnotizing yourself to sleep with the motion. (Find more instructions for a project like this at Francesca's post about "lava lamps" for kids.)
  7. Make an ice pack by filling a bottle 2/3 full of water and freezing it.
  8. Can't find your candle holders for your romantic evening dinner? Cut off the top half of the bottle, and place a taper candle in the hole. I must say that I would not want to see this on my table; however, with a little gold craft paint, I would be pleased to see the reuse of the bottle. Let the romance proceed.
  9. I wish I had thought of using the bottom half of a bottle as a paint tray before I decided to ruin one of my Tupperware dishes earlier this week when I painted my door frame.
  10. Make your climbing vines happy by making a garden trellis out of plastic soda and water bottles.
We love to recycle things here at DIY Life. We know how to reuse everyday household items, paper and gift wrap, pantyhose, milk jugs, and a whole plethora of items that some people would just throw away. If it has one use, chances are likely that it can also be used for something new-to-you. Please, tell us how you reuse your plastic soda and water bottles.


  • Mark Brockman

    If you are going to make coffee this way, please video it.

    Pouring boiling water into a plastic bottle like this is a "Don't try this at home, kids" event. Or, if you must, do it over the sink.

    I have poured boiling water into a two liter before. You can change it into neat shapes and then pour the water out. I'm not sure what would happen if you let it sit. I think it would rupture.

  • Andy

    Or, just wash 'em out and put more water in it. :-)

  • Debbie

    You've got to be careful about the plastic toxins leaching into hot liquids, and even reusing bottles is a supposed no-no these days, for the seam reason.

    LOVE the ocean in motion (3-year-old entertainment!) and paint tray ideas, though! Thanks, Anna!

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