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grill with salmon on cedar planksGreen? I bet you thought red, white, and blue would be the appropriate colors for an Independence Day BBQ, not green.

Think again. Clearly, most people are interested in doing even little things to help keep their families healthy and preserve the environment in this age of toxins and pollution. Here are some things you can do to help while throwing a bang-up July Fourth party:
  • Skip the plastic plates and cups. Go for anything recyclable or reusable, even bamboo.
  • Natural gas grills pollute the air less than charcoal grills.
  • Don't shoot off polluting fireworks at home. If you'd like to enjoy the big boomers, find a town celebration nearby.
  • Serve up local, organic food, which causes less transportation pollution to the environment -- and your food will be super-fresh.
  • Throw a potluck party to share resources.
You'll find more details on how to have a greener Independence Day in Greenzer's article. So fire up that barbie with a clear conscience!


  • Marc

    The photo of the salmon looks really good. What type of wood is being used?

    For more BBQ ideas go to the Barbecue Bachelor at .

  • Debbie

    Those are cedar planks -- doesn't it look fantastic?

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