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Clean your diamond ring

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Recently, it was my tenth anniversary. Ten years -- and ten pounds -- later, my diamond engagement ring needed to be resized.

Now, I am the first to admit that I completely abuse my ring: I rarely clean it, and I never take it off. So, it experiences soap scum, hair conditioner, dirty dishes, gardening, you name it. I describe my diamond as the frosted glass my husband gave me when he asked me to marry him.

When my husband picked my ring up from the jeweler's and opened the classy velvet pouch, he burst out laughing, asking the jeweler if he was sure that they gave him my ring. Well, it seems as though they cleaned it as well as sizing it. Honestly, I had forgotten what a beautiful ring I wore every day for the last ten years.

In my earnestness to keep my ring sparkly, I'll share with you the cleaning tips I gleaned from the Internet.

And some don'ts:

I guess I don't need a new diamond ring after all....

  • Baron

    A water + vinegar (I guess around 50/50) works quite well too. I usually use that and an old toothbrush to clean up my wife's rings. It really gets them shinning. A little extra time being rinsed with warm water will make sure you don't have much of a vinegar smell. Also, if you have a white gold ring instead of platinum, for about 50 (might be more now since metals are up), you can go to a quality jeweler who can have it electroplated in rhodium (actually, a more more valuable material than platinum). This process is generally done in the first place on white gold (or was done, they might have a "better" white gold mix now) jewelry since white gold itself can be a duller color.

  • Debbie

    Best thing I do to clean my diamond engagement ring is to use my Sonicare toothbrush with warm water. It works great and the vibrating bristles really get into the nooks and cleans out the gunk.....your diamond will look great!

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