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No-sew all-American hair sash

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Teenage girl wearing hair sash

Look adorable -- and express your patriotism at the picnic! -- with this easy and stylish no-sew red, white, and blue hair sash.

If you dread donning predictable holiday attire, you can whip up your own originally designed homage to the Fourth of July in about an hour. You'll get full credit for being patriotic and part of the gang, but you'll have the satisifaction of doing it your own way.

You could even make these for the kids, the dog, and grandma, and turn out a matching do-rag for the hubby and anyone else who shares your distaste for manufactured stars and stripes garb; after the Fourth, you can still use these instructions to make yourself a great headband. You'll find complete instructions after the break, and a demonstration in the gallery below!

No-sew all American hair sash(click thumbnails to view gallery)

No-sew all American hair sashNo-sew all American hair sashNo-sew all American hair sashNo-sew all American hair sashNo-sew all American hair sash

The sash is made from recycled cafe curtain trim (red cherries, no less) and a red and white pinstriped men's oxford cloth shirt. If you want to make this more durable, I would suggest doing a few rows of straight stitching around the edges to ensure washability.

You'll need:

  • 45" x 6" fabric strip
  • A roll of Stitch Witchery fusible tape
  • Iron
  • Trim or ribbon to fuse on and snazz it up

What you do:

  1. Fold the strip of fabric in two, lengthwise.
  2. Press and mark the center.
  3. You'll want to taper the back side of the sash from the 6" width to approximately 3 1/2 ".
  4. Measure 10" out from the center point in both directions, and draw a curved line tapering to a 31/2" width to both ends.
  5. Cut each end of the sash at a 45-degree angle.
  6. Press 1/2" under all the way around the fabric strip.
  7. With the sash open, place Stitch Witchery tape all around one side of the pressed-under edges of the sash, cutting and piecing where necessary. This will act as the closure, so you don't want any gaps.
  8. Now fold the sash lengthwise on the lengthwise fold line, matching edges, and press with a hot iron until the edges are fused together.
  9. To add your own touch of patriotic trim, center trim or ribbon on your sash, and fuse it in place with Stitch Witchery.
  10. Make sure everything is pressed and fused together, and if you feel like it, run some straight stitching around the edges to hold it all together, just in case you get thrown in the lake.

There won't be any question about your patriotism.


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