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Candy wrapper bracelet

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Starburst wrapper bracelet
When I was young, my older sister had a gum wrapper chain wrapped around her bedpost. Every stick of gum she'd chewed was memorialized somewhere in that chain. I was endlessly fascinated with it and loved to watch her fold the wrappers just so.

Now there's a new twist on the gum wrapper chains. You can make a colorful bracelet out of Starburst wrappers. You'll need 30-35 Starburst wrappers -- so start saving up! This is a quick and easy process that even kids can enjoy. My son is going to make some to give to his friends (along with a resealable baggie full of Starburst candies... because we can't eat that many).

The gallery has the step-by-step instructions for making this charming jewelry, so have fun!

Make a bracelet out of Starburst wrappers(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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