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A wedding in Barcelona, by Flickr user jurvetson.

If you're getting married this summer, it's probably a little late to start planning your big day right now. If you're tying the knot next year, however, or just looking for some last minute tips then -- wow! -- have we got some ideas for you!

Blushing brides learn what to do with treasured wedding mementos, hopeful grooms get pointers on the perfect proposal, and if you're the maid-of-honor, you'll be her hero for suggesting economical ways to make table center-pieces and party favors!

Ready, set, plan

If you intend to pop the question, you might want to do it in a creative and memorable way. You don't have to get as elaborate as this guy, but be sure to make it something to remember. When you're shopping for rings, you could consider making your own, but if you're both die-hard DIYers, nothing beats a nut and bolt wedding ring set.

Once your sweetie says yes, you might decide to just elope. If not, it's possible to put together a simple, intimate wedding with very little fuss; you can even write your own vows to give them your own special touch. (If you're writing a wedding toast to each other or to the happy couple, we can help you there, too.) Just remember, a wedding -- yes, even the planning -- is supposed to be fun... don't turn into a Bridezilla.

Save the date

It's not much of a wedding without guests, so invite yours in style. Make your own invitations using free templates, then print and assemble them yourself. For a unique look, do the printing with a Print Gocco silk-screening machine from Japan, following our Print Gocco card tutorial -- or really go wild and build a working letterpress.

Oooh, pretty

When it comes to centerpieces and flowers, you can really save money by doing it yourself. We've got some great ideas for making centerpieces out of everything from mason jars to picture frames, or you can decorate plain glasses or vases with rub-on transfers, then fill them flowers, candy, or shred. For a truly elegant wedding centerpiece, nothing beats a candelabra garden.

Though we have wonderful tips for creating your own inexpensive wedding bouquet that will work for any season, if you're having an autumn wedding, consider making a bouquet of roses out of maple leaves. You can also put your crafty skills to work making a daisy chain to festoon an informal wedding, or making corsages for the bridal party and VIPs in attendance.

Everyone loves party favors

It's not just the bride and groom who get gifts on the big day. Guests typically get favors to take home, and members of the bridal party are often given mementos as well. Consider making some lovely tree branch or beaded earrings for the bridesmaids, and picture frames or personalized throw pillows for the groomsmen.

Of course you'll want keepsakes of your own from your special day. Make a wedding shadow box to hold your trinkets, your very own guest book for people to sign, or make rose petal beads from some flowers in your bouquet.

...and cake!

One of the best parts of going to a wedding is getting to eat the yummy cake. If you want to make your own, there's no need to get icing anxiety. Just make your own pastry bag, then follow these tips on how to frost the perfect cake. Most couples prefer to go with traditional pastries, but if you or your honey is a LEGO fan, then you simply must make a LEGO wedding cake.

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    These are some great suggestions for a creative wedding. I made several of my own wedding accessories myself including the bridal party's wine tags with photos of us, and a custom made photo wine stopper with my future husband and I as the photo. I also made a beautiful wedding bouquet charm for my bouquet. It has a photo of my grandma on it because I wished that she was here for my special day. I had my florist attach it with a ribbon. Finally I made photo cufflinks for my dad. They featured photos of him and I when I was little on one side and us together when I was at my engagement party on the other cufflink. He actually cried when I gave them to him. It was all pretty easy to make and I got everything at this site:

    I hope I have given you all a few more ideas!

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