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Sweet July 4th DIY deals

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Closeup photo of July 4th newspaper advertisement inserts from Publix, Lowes and Home Depot retail stores
Looking for deals on DIY-related gear?

If you're staying home this 4th of July weekend, it's a good time to work on the house and yard. Let's visit the big boys of home improvement supplies: check out July 4th deals from Lowe's here, and The Home Depot here. Neck-and-neck as always, both stores are offering 10% off major appliances ($397 and up) and deals on carpet installation.

Lowe's is offering gift cards in return for purchases, too, starting at a $10 card for purchases from $99 to $199 and going up to $100 cards for purchases of $600 or more. Nice to get something in return for all that spending, huh? Oh, and Lowe's is also offering 10% discounts this weekend for military personnel and their immediate families.

Among The Home Depot's best offerings: discounts on Behr exterior and interior paints. $5 off 1-gallon cans and $20 off 5-gallon pails, to be exact. Nice.

Oddly, neither retail juggernaut Walmart nor smaller (but more stylin') rival Target are making the July 4th weekend a time for sweet deals. Don't even bother looking, 'cause they're assuming you're out barbequing.

Happy 4th of July!



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