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credit card organizing cablesMy husband is a self-proclaimed computer geek. We don't just have a home computer; we have a downstairs server through which all of our incoming and outgoing email is processed. We have an upstairs computer which is the hub we can connect to remotely.

Add two laptops, a wireless router, a docking station, and infinitely many things that I cannot begin to tell you what they are used for, and you have our state-of-the-art wired household.

Did I say wired? You betcha. With technology comes wires, cables, and a mis-mash of mess -- everywhere! -- and that's where Creatrope's Card Cable Organizer comes in.

The hack is simple: punch holes in an old credit card, then make access slits to slide your cables through. This keeps cables like cell phone chargers and camera cables for downloading pictures nice and neat, and also keeps them from slipping off the table onto the floor, to become usurped into the oblivion of cable quicksand beneath.

Just another example of reusing something to save money and solve a problem.

[via Lifehacker]



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