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chamomile flowers with lots of tiny bees

Mothering Magazine
is my favorite publication these days. Partly because I have an all-consuming three-year-old, but mostly because of the message of empowerment it sends to parents: rely on yourselves, create your vision of parenting, and do it your own way. Talk about DIY parenting!

Mothering's website has a new article, 'Scents of Childhood,' that encourages parents to heal and soothe their kids using essential oils. If you read my Scentual Life column, you are beginning to understand the diversity and usefulness of essential oils and herbs. Now, put them to use to help your kids.
  • Lavender and chamomile are classic soothers, relaxers, and fix tummy troubles.
  • Eucalyptus radiata helps colds and coughs.
  • Tea tree and lavender mixed with water make a natural hand sanitizer.

Be sure to visit the article for more details on how to use essential oils to help with hiccups, nosebleeds, and more.


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    And This is for Tummy-Rub Oil

    Most digestive problems are reduced by a simple tummy massage using one of the oils. Tummy-Rub Oil can be formulated as follows:

    * 2 drops Roman chamomile
    * 1 drop fennel
    * 2 drops dill
    * 1 drop Melissa
    * 1 ounce carrier oil

    Mix together and massage the tummy gently.

    to see other recipes pls visit

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