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Make a popsicle stick purse

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popsicle-stick purseAnd you thought popsicle stick crafts were just for kids. Not true, not true. This basket-like purse is decidedly grown-up and frankly, it's too cute for words.

You'll need about 150 popsicle sticks. (I'd spring for the new ones you buy at the craft store. It's great to save the sticks from your icy summer treats, but I'd hold those back for another project. You don't want grape, orange, or cherry popsicle stains ruining the look of your new purse!) You'll also need wood glue, wood stain, a sponge brush, a handkerchief for the liner, and leather straps for the handles.

Glue and layer rows of the popsicle sticks in an elongated diamond pattern (about 25 rows of popsicle sticks ought to do it). Once dry, create a bottom for the purse with a dozen or so popsicle sticks. Let it dry overnight and then stain it. For the lining, fold the handkerchief in half lengthwise and sew together. Attach the leather straps, insert the lining, and your purse is complete! Scribbit has all the details on making this fun and functional purse.

[via Whip Up]


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