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stainless steel microwave
I love wandering through the brand new show-homes in our area. I do it under the cover of looking for new decorating inspiration, but I think I might just like to tease myself with all the swanky stainless steel appliances.

Thanks to Life Hacker, who pointed us to this great tutorial on how to make old appliances look new again, I can have show-home style appliances in my eleven year old kitchen without investing in new ones.

Make sure you follow the cleaning instructions first. This is critical to getting the stainless steel look just right, but it will also improve the efficiency of of your appliances. After all your prep work is complete, you just need to apply stainless steel contact paper, accommodate for any dials, smooth out the bubbles, and enjoy your brand new appliances.

The tutorial details how to refresh your dishwasher and fridge, but I think it would be hard to stop there once you got started, so bring on the stove, range, and microwave... even the coffee pot -- this is going to be fun!


  • Handy Man Fix Home Repair

    Thanks for hte writeup... It would have been nice if you could have included the link to the original post at my site... LifeHacker Did...

  • Francesca Clarke

    The read link at the bottom did point to you, but I accidentally linked to Life Hacker on the second in-post link, intending to credit you. Thanks for pointing it out. All fixed now :-)

  • Brian MacFarland

    So I went to Lifehacker and they pointed me to another site. Why not just point me directly to that site and thank Lifehacker? I'd get their quicker and that site would get credit for it's great content.

  • Handy Man Fix Home Repair

    thanks for pointing that out... and fixing it... I really appreciate it... Cheers.

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