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DIY summer camp: budget-friendly summer fun

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Two preschool-aged children, a boy and a girl, climb up a red playground slide
Overworked? Need to keep the kids entertained in a major way this summer vacation? If you're a part-time or full-time stay-at-home parent, consider organizing a DIY summer camp. Suggestions on how to rope in involve other moms and dads can be found at the info-packed website Suite101, and also at HomeschoolHacks.

Okay, so to make your own summer camp you'll need manpower: that is, other parents you know and trust.

Second, you'll need a planning session or two. Get together and come up with a schedule of where to meet and when, and dream up some cool-yet-budget-friendly activities for each day.

Finally, everyone needs to haggle (nicely, people!) over the schedule.

The main expense here is time. Families must take turns volunteering their homes, while other parents will need to come over and volunteer on certain days. Oh, and don't forget to agree on meals and snacks for each day. Phew.

All that organizing will be totally worth it, though, because you'll earn some precious you-time! Added bonus: quality time with the kids, and time to socialize with other parents.

[via Suite101]



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