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Make a fortune cookie

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fortune cookie by FHKE on Flickr
My favorite fortune, read after dinner at a Chinese restaurant, says:

Life is full of choices. Today, yours are good ones.

It's been stuck to my fridge since I got it, reminding me that I have the ability to think before I act or speak, something I... well... occasionally have trouble with.

According to Wikipedia, 110 tickets won the U.S. Powerball because people played their numbers based on those found in their fortune cookie. The numbers printed are used in a vast number of cookies, which may make them seem a little less lucky, but I think those lottery winners would disagree.

Fortune cookies, though not truly a Chinese tradition, are an entertaining end to a Chinese-themed meal. Some people believe you have to eat the whole cookie before you read the fortune, or that if the fortune is unlucky, you shouldn't eat the cookie at all. Learn more about how to make a fortune cookie after the break.

To make your own fortune cookies for your next big meal or party, first come up with several humorous or vague fortunes for your guests. Print or write them out and cut them into small strips. Set them aside. You'll want to have them ready, because once the cookies are made, you'll have to move fast to assemble them.

Wikihow has the step-by-step directions to bake your fortune cookies, as well as tips on getting your fortunes folded inside before the cookies harden. Serve them to your friends and watch them be amazed by your fortune telling skills!



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