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man launching a bottle rocket

Reminisce with me for a moment, if you will, back to your childhood, to when you and your siblings built and launched your own bottle rocket. How'd it go for you?

If you did everything correctly, your rocket probably took off with ease, and the display was celebrated with lots of hoots and hollers.

However, if you tried to elaborate on the directions, and came up with a creative way to watch your rocket fly a little longer, it may have ended badly, like it did for the two young men who won a Darwin Award honorable mention.

Suffice it to say, you should not tie yarn to your rocket at one end, and a birdbath at the other, in hopes that the rocket will spin around and fly longer.

And if, by some off chance, you decide not to heed this advice and do it anyway, and the rocket burns through the yarn and flames through the sky, please don't stand in the rocket's path.

If you are feeling completely left out of this post's humor and camaraderie because you've never made your own bottle rocket, NASA (via About) has a tutorial on how to build a bottle rocket in thirty minutes.

Did I mention that you shouldn't tie the rocket to yarn and...?



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