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Keep those pins and needles sharp

Filed Under: sewing

tomato pincushion with strawberrySee that photograph? Remember those traditional pincushions? Perhaps you even own one yourself. The larger pincushion is a tomato, the smaller a strawberry. You see them all the time, but have you ever wondered about that strawberry?

Turns out that it's filled with metal filings and is used to sharpen pins and needles! Just push the dull and/or rusted pin into the strawberry a few times, and it comes out clean and sharp! How about that?

If you don't have one, they're easy to make. CraftyPod put one together by sewing a pincushion and stuffing it with 00 grade steel wool. Head on over and check out the very well-illustrated instructions. She warns that it's a little hard on the fingertips, but in short order you, too, can have an efficient pin-sharpener!



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