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How to Reheat Pizza

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Looking for foolproof tips on how to reheat pizza? Help yourself to this tried and true advice for enjoying America's favorite leftovers.

how to reheat pizza

If you ask us, leftover pizza is delicious cold. But if you prefer a steamy slice, allow us to dish about how to reheat pizza.

Method #1: Use a toaster oven
Place the pizza in a toaster oven set to about 350 degrees. Cook it until the cheese begins to bubble. Take note, though: Sometimes the pizza will have a cold spot, even when the crust is beginning to overcook. In other words, if the slice is too big, this method has its drawbacks.

Method #2: Use a toaster oven or a traditional oven depending on the amount of pizza
One of our favorite sources of kitchen-related advice, Good Housekeeping, takes a more granular look at how to reheat pizza. They admit they don't know the ideal process, but they discern between toaster ovens and conventional ovens based on pizza quantity. Reheating slice or two? A toaster oven will do. But if you want to warm up several pieces or a while pie, placet the pizza on a cookie sheet on top of tin foil. Set the oven to 450 degrees (we know, it's high!), as the temperature will make the crust crispier.

Method #3: Use parchment paper
Whether you're using a traditional oven or a toaster oven to reheat pizza, parchment paper will ensure a crispy, delicious crust. The Chicago Pizza Club has the 411 on the best way to reheat pizza.

Method #4: Use a nonstick frying pan, a grill pan or a barbecue
It seems that a crispy crust is a pretty universal goal among noshers looking to reheat pizza. The community over at the good megasite Chow serves up a ton of tips on how to reheat pizza, from using a covered, non-stick frying pan on a "VERY LOW" heat, to a grill pan ("I'll sometimes do this even with a fresh pie to crisp up the crust a bit," says the user), to the barbecue for just 40 to 45 seconds.

Tip: Most sources -- including us -- advise against reheating pizza in the microwave, as it can turn a slice bland, soggy and rubbery.

Got any tips of your own on how to reheat pizza? Let us know in the comments below. Our tummies thank you!

How to Build an Outdoor Pizza Oven

No leftovers in your fridge? No worries, make your own pizza -- ingredients to oven -- in this video:

After numerous experiments documented in the original blog post, their recommendation is to reheat your pizza, on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, at 400 degrees for six minutes. It seems the parchment paper works best at re-crisping the pizza -- no sogginess!

If you're concerned with crispiness, another tip I've seen is to reheat leftover pizza in an oiled skillet.

What's your favorite method for making cold pizza sizzle again?

  • Jesse Harris

    If you're going to keep it crispy, dry heat is essential. I don't know that I'd go nuts with parchment paper or anything. I usually slap a piece in the toaster oven on a piece of aluminum foil. It reheats quite nicely and doesn't make a whole lot of heat.

  • Debbie

    This was one of the ways they tested in the original article that I linked to. The parchment worked better than the foil because the foil held the moisture against the crust and made it soggier. The parchment let it breathe so the moisture went away from the crust. It's just as easy to lay a piece of parchment paper on your baking sheet, so give it a try and see what you think!

  • DeadPlasmaCell

    Nice tip.. though we never have any leftover pizza in our house x)

  • Umino

    When I was in Rome I ran across a street food vendor in one of those 'roach coach' type vans in a park.

    They had cold pizza slices that were stacked together with the crusts on the outside and the toppings on the inside.

    They then slapped the two sandwiched slices in a Panini grill and re-heated it. It was super good!

    Now I always reheat my pizza that way.

  • roacademy

    We reheat our pizza in a cast iron skillet med to low heat with a lid. Crispy bottom melted cheese....yummy

  • captain underpants and the bringdown gang

    put it in a toaster, put the toast setting on medium-light or light medium. the cheese will melt perfectly and the bottom will be just as nice as when its fresh.

  • Vogie

    #1 easiest way to reheat slices of pizza:
    30 seconds in the microwave, then 1 cycle through the toaster oven.

    it's fast, simple, and really effective. Doubt it would work for an entire pie (unless it was really small and your toaster was quite large), but for 1-4 slices at a time it's great, especially on the infamous "leftover night"

  • John B

    I like it cold.

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