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carrots in the dirt

I dare you to find an American household without any carrots in the fridge. Granted, most will probably be the scrubbed-clean, prepackaged, more expensive baby carrots. If you'd like to save money (and waste less food!), read on.

First of all, buying whole carrots -- or, better yet, growing them -- is cheaper than buying baby carrots. A good thing, right? Well, if you learn how to peel them just so, you'll be able to save more of the carrot... and more money.

According to eHow, if you peel away from you with a sharp-bladed peeler, you'll peel off less carrot. Additionally, if you peel the top until no green is showing, then peel the tip as well -- no chopping -- you'll end up with more of the carrot.

It seems like a simple way to be frugal while respecting the Earth's resources.


  • Elizabeth

    Actually, carrots don't need to be peeled at all. Just scrub them really, really well then give them a final rinse. This gets them nice and clean and removes the "bitter" taste we associate with an unpeeled carrots.


  • Baron

    I can name 4 houses without carrots in the fridge right now, I'm sure I could find many, many more if I simply asked my friends (those are just family houses I'm thinking of right now), mine included. Don't get me wrong, I like carrots, but just not something to keep around.

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