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open envelope on table

You've done it again. After writing your long letter to Aunt Martha -- on your homemade fabric flower cards, perhaps -- you've sealed the envelope, only to realize that you've forgotten to include little Harry's latest school photo.

You could either rip open the envelope, pop in the picture, and tape it closed, or you could try a sneaky way to open the envelope -- an undetectable way.

There's always steaming open the envelope, TV detective Veronica Mars' method of choice. This is wet and messy, though, so you may want to try putting the envelope in the freezer instead. Just a few hours in the zero -- or subzero -- environment, and the envelope should open on its own. You can reseal it after you put in Junior's picture.

I hope you aren't getting any illegal ideas, now that you're an expert at this....

Want another savvy envelope trick? Learn how to make your own envelopes liners in this video:


  • Peter Shekel

    Thanks for the tip. Sometimes I find myself with the letter in my hand after I've sealed the envelope.

  • MCW

    That's hilarious! :) Often, I panic when I seal an envelope, thinking, "Did I SIGN the check!?". Most of the time though, I put the paper in backwards so it doesn't show through the address window. That really aggravates me.

  • Wy

    That sounds awesome. I just sealed an empty envelope and stuck it in the freezer. Just to try this out. :)

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