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Solar ovens for green cooking

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The bright sun shining.
What a concept! It's summertime and we've already got the sun's heat beating down outside, while the air conditioner struggles to keep up inside. Why make it worse by using the stove and oven? Kill two birds with one stone, by using the sun's heat to do the cooking outside!

This tip for a solar stove comes to us just in time from Craftster's "ladybuggins" -- it'll be almost 100 degrees here, and I'm hankerin' for some chili! Here's what you'll need:
First, curl the reflector around into a funnel shape and secure it with the clothes pins. Set it on the ground with the open funnel pointing upwards. Place the pot with the food in it down in the center, and the radiant energy will focus into the center of the parabola to cook the contents. Bon appetit!


  • garfield

    these solar ovens are great and they do an amazing job in the remote regions of countries where there is no electricity. The only thing you need is sunlight and for the solar cooker to be facing the sun before use. Apart from that, it is not much different from a conventional oven.
    Total Solar Energy

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