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rabbit in the grass

I was so proud of my perennial garden this year. Not only did all of the plants actually come up, but when I planted new ones, the blooms complimented one another perfectly. Then that furry little critter appeared....

Contrary to popular belief, it is not cute to have a resident rabbit. First, our little friend ate my mystery plant -- the one it ate last year, and now it's been so long I can't remember what it is (other than delicious, apparently).

Next, it systematically broke off each stem of my apricot-colored yarrow, to nibble at the blooms. Frustration began to set in....

We read all of the tips: sprinkle urine or human hair around your plants to repel the cotton-tailed fiend; put up a fence (which was not an attractive option for this particular garden); put mothballs around the perimeter of the beds; try planting marigolds.

What finally sounded like it just might work was a taste repellent, since Bunnykins surely loved to eat. We sprayed its favorite snacks down with a capsicum solution -- essentially concentrated hot peppers. So far, so good.

The science behind the capsicum solution is mixed, though, and only seemed to work in the studies when another food choice was present. So is it really working, or did our rabbit already have its fill of my perennials? All I know is that there's been no more damage to my plants.

Have you found a humane solution to keep your hungry rabbits out of your gardens?

  • DIYDrew

    My solution has been a combination of a knee-high fence and the judicious use of a BB gun or a .22 rifle. Unfortunately it doesn't take care of the raccoons and possums, which very much enjoy my corn. But rabbits I have no problem with anymore.

  • Nick Johnson

    Two things have i tried and both work remarkably well. One is to sprinkle used kitty litter around the perimeter of the garden, and the other is to sprinkle hair clippings around it (but you already mentioned this one). Both have worked remarkably well at keeping the rabbits and other small critters out of the garden.

  • Anna Sattler

    Urine has always worked for us. Then of course, I have a big dog that thinks bunnies taste delicious!

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