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Sleeping in an airport

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Stock illustration - travelers at airport

Today's New York Times features an article about exhausted travelers catching sleep while stuck at airports. One enterprising gentleman, Frank Giotto, is even selling an airport camping kit. The "Mini Motel" includes a tiny one-person tent, air mattress, pillow, sheet, alarm clock and eye shades, plus some other extras.

So... how do you fall asleep in an airport? (Assuming the Mini Motel is nowhere to be found.) An awesome list of tips can be found at The Budget Traveller's [sic] Guide to Sleeping in Airports. Top tip: bring an inflatable pool raft so you can spread out on the floor in comfort... if security will allow it. It's cheaper and lighter than a regular air mattress.

2nd top tip: write your desired wake-up time on post-it noes and label yourself. Apparently, fellow travelers will wake you. Oh, and, if all else fails when security is bugging you: the Budget guy recommends... crying. Yes, cry and hope they will take pity on you and not pack you off to a hotel.

Oh, and you must check out the blog, Sleeping in Airports. Funny! Finally, a note to pilots: yes, it's okay for you to nap at the airport, too. Just try to stay awake when you're actually flying a plane.


  • Baron

    I'm one of those fortunate people that can fall asleep anywhere anytime (almost), even to the detriment of my body - meaning I can sleep, in all sorts of odd positions in a chair and wake up with a neck that hurts for the next two days, but hey, at least I'm feeling rested. :) I did see that someone makes a pillow, I believe it is even inflatable, that is made to put in your lap that rises up to support you head and neck. It fits in a coach seat as well too for better sleep in the plane.

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