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Vintage 1950s television converted to hold a kitty litter box.

Lately, I've been coming across beautiful vintage TV and stereo cabinetry while making my weekly thrift shop rounds.

Most have beautiful wood finishes, and the designs are unusual and very retro, but I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a heavy cabinet filled with a dead Magnavox just for the cabinet. I continue to rack my brain to come up with a practical purpose for such a behemoth. What could possibly justify the time and trouble to lug this thing home?

Moxie, over on Craftster, came up with a clever and functional use for an old 1950s-style TV cabinet. Read more about it after the break.

She got in there and gutted the TV, and cleverly converted it into a cat port-o-let -- so to speak.

After she carefully removed the innards, she constructed a shelf to hold the litter box, gave the cabinet a refreshing coat of green paint, and added a curtain over the front.

Be aware that she took safety precautions, since old TVs are loaded with lead. It's highly recommended that you take old electronics to a community or private reycling center, so they can dispose of the hazardous components properly.

Check out more photos of Moxies's cat's bathroom makeover at the Craftster page.



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