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Don't It Yourself: Laser tattoos

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laser tattoo on man's handI'll admit it... I've gone under the needle more than once. In fact, I'm considering getting yet another tattoo (though I want to get a new tattoo to cover up another one, so maybe it doesn't really count).

While they didn't hurt that much, I wouldn't say it's exactly pleasant having needles zip in and out of your skin. But these laser tattoo videos on Instructables are a whole new world of pain.

According to Instructables, the sight of getting one's flesh burned by a laser cutter isn't too bad. But the subtle smell of burning flesh isn't exactly enticing. (Gee... I wonder why.) And as for the pain involved, well, let's just say it hurts.

Laser cutters serve their purpose -- for cutting wood, plastic, and the like. Not skin. So, to whoever first thought of this idea, I give you points for creativity. But I think this is a lesson in "Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should."

If you're itching to get inked, go the traditional route or, for an even less invasive method, check out Anna's post on temporary tattoos.



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