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Kiddie Crafts: Personalized door hangers

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Collage initial door hangers
We've just moved into a new house, and my boys are excitedly adding personal touches to their room to make it their very own. These personalized door hangers are a perfect way for them to express their own taste and take ownership of their new room.

In this project, your child will decorate cutouts of their own initials and hang them on their bedroom door. For their decorations, they'll be reusing cardboard, greeting cards, magazines, and other treasures they find around the house.

Take some inspiration from the gallery, and see how ours turned out. I'll share full instructions and some useful tips after the break.

Personalized door hangers(click thumbnails to view gallery)

MaterialsCut out the letterCut out imagesGlue on imagesPaint or draw any extras

There really aren't any rules with this one.

Here's what you'll need to make your own:
  • Cardboard big enough to cut out the letter size of your choice
  • Glue
  • Ribbon or string
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Hole punch
  • Paint or pens
  • Scissors
First, let your children collect things that they believe are representative of their personality and interests. You might want to gather together some magazines, newspapers, old greeting cards, and stickers for them to dig through. This will avoid you having to answer "No" every time they come to you asking to cut pictures out of their favorite books. Once they've chosen collage images, making the door hanger is simple. Here's how:
  1. As always, cover your workspace with newspaper: We still had a plastic tablecloth left from my son's birthday party. Regardless of what you use, make sure you cover the table, because accidents are bound to happen.
  2. Trace and cut out your child's initial: Using sturdy card-stock or recycled cardboard, trace and cut out your child's initial. We used an old retail box and found it to be too lightweight. You'll want to find something heavier so that it can hold the collage, especially in light of the way my boys apply glue!
  3. Decorate the letter: Using cut-out images and special items, make a collage on the cardboard letter. Finish it off with some drawing, paint, or stickers.
  4. Let the initials dry: Drying time will depend on how heavily your kiddie crafters slopped on the glue and paint!
  5. Attach the string: Punch two small holes on opposite ends of the letter, and tie a string or ribbon so that it can be hung up.
  6. Hang it on the door: Using an adhesive hook, hang the initial from the door.
My boys' collages had a pretty narrow focus, but are very representative of their current stages. My younger son chose almost entirely cars and animals, while my older boy focused on sports, including ticket stubs from a soccer game and favorite hockey numbers.

I love this craft because it re-uses some of the paper products that take over our house, and allows the boys to express their own little (okay -- very, very big) personalities. As their interests change, it's easy to add items or make new door hangers. Make sure to date the old one and stash it away in their memory box.

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    How very fun! It looks like you had a blast creating those!

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