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firework inside a PVC pipe
If you're reading DIY Life, chances are you like to make things. Perhaps you build large structures, or maybe you enjoy sewing. I hope you can keep your creativity from overflowing into the pipe bomb arena, though.

We've all started projects only to abandon them, or at least take a big break in-between work sessions. Any painting job I've ever tried to do comes to mind. The only hazards there are perhaps some stiff, neglected paintbrushes. What if you left a pipe bomb half-finished?

That's what one guy did, and when he ran out of welding rod, he tossed the half-finished pipe bomb -- already filled with gunpowder -- back into the scrap pile. You can imagine what happened the next time he needed some scrap metal pipe....

The Darwin Awards got hold of this story, and the ending isn't pretty. Shrapnel everywhere, up to the third floor, missed his brain by half an inch. Visit the original submission for all of the gory details.

Now go back to your woodworking, or resume sewing that twirly skirt, but by all means, do not attempt to build a pipe bomb. It'll end in tears.


  • AndrewinKy

    The smells like an Urban Legend.

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