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Fix annoying chair wobbles

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wood chair legsNothing perturbs me more than sitting in a chair and wobbling back and forth because the chair legs need fixing. I get perturbed because once again I spent my money on something cheap, or someone else did, and they just like to be annoying by rocking back and forth.

Over at the Indianapolis Star, our own extremely talented Shelly Leer learned how to fix annoying chair wobbles when a furniture builder showed her how to apply wood glue to the chair using a turkey basting syringe. Genius!

There's a little more to it: please join me after the break to learn how it's done.

Shelly drilled small holes, then injected the glue through the holes. She wiped off the excess glue, wrapped pantyhose around the legs to hold the joints together, and called the job done.

Any sanding and painting that needs to happen can be accomplished after the glue is completely dry and you are satisfied with your now wobble-free chair. Just sit back and admire your handiwork.

Shelly reminds us that we won't want to use this technique on antique or valuable furniture, and I am glad she mentioned that little tidbit. I would have drilled some tiny holes in my antique rocking chair, kicking myself to the curb for having done such a dastardly deed.



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