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shelving unit of boxesA set of ten boxes, nested one within the other. The largest is perhaps two feet square and a foot deep (60 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm), the smallest half those dimensions.

You can purchase the yummy unit shown at right through Seletti, or -- using instructions provided by those generous folk at Seletti -- you could make your own very personal unit, and save yourself a significant bundle of cash!

You'll need a collection of sturdy wooden boxes in various sizes, decorating materials, and two sections of heavy-duty strapping.

Stick with wooden boxes. Because the assemblage will be under a fair amount of pressure when the unit is completed, you will likely find that even the sturdiest of cardboard boxes will not be up to the strain.

Paint and/or paper these boxes, inside and out, in any way that satisfies your creative heart. When the boxes are decorated, play with their placement until you get an arrangement that satisfies you. Our picture shows all boxes being oriented in the same direction, but, depending on where the unit sits, you may choose to have some boxes facing at 90 degrees to others.

Lay your two pieces of strapping on the ground, and place your boxes on top. Wrap the strapping around, pull tight -- I think this would be simplest as a two-person job -- and that's it! (Almost) instant shelving!

[via: Apartment Therapy]



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