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Unusual Uses: dryer sheets

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shining a faucetYou're generally an eco-friendly sort. You try not to use that dryer much, and when you do, you cut your dryer sheets in half to make them go further.

It still rankles a bit that you then throw them right out, though, doesn't it? You could always make your own, re-usable dryer sheets, of course: they're far less expensive, less loaded with chemicals,and less wasteful.

If, however, you happen to have a box of Bounce sheets lying about the laundry room, you'll be happy to know that the creative sorts over at Apartment Therapy have come up with a list of 20 uses for used dryer sheets.

It will come as no surprise to find out you can use the anti-static properties of dryer sheets to dust things that you hope to keep dust-free, at least for a little while! Dryer sheets can be used this way on computer monitors, television screens, and even venetian blinds.

Though it might not seem related, it's the same anti-static quality at work when you sew: run a sheet over your thread, and it won't tangle so easily!

They're great for freshening things from linen closet shelves to tennis shoes to books that have become a bit musty.

They can even help keep mice out of the house!

Eager for more? Check out the complete list of uses for dryer sheets on Apartment Therapy. Maybe you have an idea or two they haven't considered!



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