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goldfinch in bird bath

Attracting birds to your yard can bring so much enjoyment. They are so much fun to watch, and my son loves naming the different types he sees at our birdfeeder -- goldfinch, robin, sparrow, blue jay....

We've shown you how to build a bird house with scrap wood; now I'll share some ideas on how to build a bird bath with materials you may have around the house.

You could use some chicken wire and cement for the bath part, some metal for the support post, and rocks for the edges, suggests Las Pilitas. Or how about an old cake pan, an old garbage can lid, or even a beat-up hubcap? If those are too crazy for you, a soft, flat rock or even a terra cotta pot's saucer will make an effective birdbath.

Las Pilitas shares some tips on where to place your bird bath so the birds feel safe and comfortable: away from brush, not in full sun, but in afternoon shade.

I love that these bird bath ideas give new uses to old items you may have considered junk before reading this post. Talk about reduce, reuse, and recycle!

So enjoy creating your own bird bath with "found" materials, and be sure and tell us in the comments how you made your masterpiece!



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