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Get rid of fruit flies

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cluster of dead fliesThat decorative bowl of fruit on the end of the table has suddenly become a haven to a horde of ravenous fruit flies. You get rid of the over-ripe fruit that attracted them, you clean down the area, but you still have the little wretches. You can swat them, but wouldn't it be fun to trap them?

The people at have a great tip for making a fruit fly trap, which involves a small dish of wine, a sploosh of water, and a drop of soap, stirred up with a finger. It would take about 10 seconds to put together.

One of the commenters suggests putting plastic wrap over the surface of the bowl, and making pin pricks in it -- apparently the flies can get in the holes, but are too stupid to get out again.

In fact, once you've watched the video, read the comments. There are a few more very creative fruit fly trap ideas there, too!


  • Peter Shekel

    Great tip

  • Tim Lewallen

    I use this method from an earlier DIY article-

    It's nice because you can throw the whole thing away when you are done.

  • Bill Volk

    Ilona -- a great idea. The flies may be too stupid, or too drunk, to get out! (Hmmm, sounds like some people I know.)

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