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Hide your air conditioning unit

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Box air conditioning unit in a window, as viewed from inside. From, Flickr.
The box air-conditioning unit is a necessary evil for many apartment dwellers. (Those of you about to head off to college, take note!) These things come with a few big cons: they are noisy, they are unsightly, they block the view out of your window, and they are a pain in the neck to install and uninstall.

At least the unsightliness factor is something you can fix! Here are a few suggestions for hiding your air conditioning unit from New York Magazine:

  • Decorate it with something pretty like wallpaper scraps.
  • Build a decorative cabinet around it, but be careful not to block air flow.
  • Disguise it from view with a sheer curtain.
  • Hide it with a screen.
  • Cover it with artwork and frame it.
[via Apartment Therapy]



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