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How to trim bangs

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woman with long bangsYour 'do is getting a bit faded, but you just don't have time to get to the stylist , or you don't want to fork out that much money so soon. You could put off the trip to the salon another three or four weeks if it weren't for your bangs, which are in your eyes and driving you crazy!

What to do?

With this very simple trick from Darla at Chic Critique, you can get yourself those extra days, and you can do it yourself!

Take a small section of hair and twist it very, very tightly. This keeps the bangs from being jagged, or showing too obvious a straight line. (Or, worse, a crooked one!) Snip a bit off the tip of the twist. Darla suggests no more than an eighth of an inch at a time, and no more than a quarter of an inch overall.

Then go to the next section, and repeat. In a few minutes, your bangs will be tidied right up. This will not replace professional hair cuts, but it is a great way to expand the time between visits to your stylist.


  • pam munro

    For straight bangs you can make a big twist in the middle and cut - also can twist off side edges to trim there.

  • M.E. Williams

    I have, at various points in the not-so-distant past, been one of those girls who cut her own bangs. The results have ranged from "Hey, that's pretty cute!" to "Oh, well, at least it's going to grow out."

    This hair-twisting trick is something my own hairdresser suggested. However, she does not twist tiny sections: she twists the entire chunk of bangs that will be cut, pulling them front and center before snipping. The end result is bangs that aren't too blunt at the ends and curve below the temples.

    In general, Darla also fails to show that you really need to section off your bangs into a triangular shape before you mess with them.

    There's a lot of debate over whether to cut them wet (better for the ends, but they may easily wind up too short) or dry.

    The last time I let someone else who wasn't a professional cut my bangs (hi, Mom!), they cut into the soft hairs on my temples, too... it took months to grow out. :(

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  • Darla - UltraBeautyBoutique

    Thanks for the HT! I got a TON of hits yesterday from this site. Had to come check it out. =)

  • Ellen from

    This is a great video on how to trim your child's bangs. This video was helpful to me because my children's bangs grow out so fast and they do not need a full haircut. This definitely covers the bangs

    Good Luck!

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