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Basic toolbox for the home

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My husband has a freakishly organized tool box. I tease him that it's because he spends all his time in front of the computer instead of working around the house, but the truth is, he just likes to keep things tidy so that he can easily find the tool he's looking for. Part of me admires him -- you know, the part that's not too busy teasing him!

Whether you're cleaning out an old overstuffed tool bag, setting up house for the first time, or putting together some dorm room necessities, you'll want to include these 11 must-have tools. Including the essentials, like a hammer, level, pliers, and screwdrivers, Dustin claims that these tools will get you through basic household repairs and simple projects.

People must feel passionately about their tools, because the comments bring out some heated discussions about the validity of these recommendations, and argue for tools that didn't make the cut. I wouldn't add any tools to the list, but I think every family toolbox needs the the ever-important duct tape, crazy glue, and some other useful odds and ends like zap-straps and string.

What are your household handyman must haves?


  • Howard

    A basic toolset is essential for any DIY'er:

    Hammer (Finish Hammer)
    Set of Metric and US Wrenches
    Set of Screwdrivers (3 Slotted, 3 Philips)
    Small and Large Cresent Wrench
    Channel Locks (Adjustable Pliers)
    Needlenosed Pliers
    Regular Pliers
    Framers Square
    Metric and US 3/8" Sockets
    Tape Measure (25')

    -- Those are off the top of my head.

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