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Image by Stock Exchange user sco122 of a piece of paper taped down at each corner with a piece of yellow duct tape.
Duct tape has to be among the handiest fix-it tools around. That big, fat roll of tape sure is bulky, though. Consider stowing just a small amount in your pocket, bag, or glove compartment. That way you'll always have some tape on hand, and there'll be no more riffling through the garage searching for the main roll of tape.

Here's how Lifehacker's Brad Isaac made his own pocket-sized duct tape dispenser from a drinking straw. You will need a roll of duct tape, a drinking straw, and a pair of scissors. Carefully wind a length of duct tape around and around the straw, then cut the excess straw on either side. Voila! You have a decent amount of duct tape that slips into your pocket for those unexpected little repair jobs around the house, car, at work, or camping out.

[via Lifehacker]


  • Bill Volk

    Diane -- great idea. I have one of my backpacking water bottles wrapped with about 6' of duct tape and I know, then, that I always have some with me.

  • Diane Rixon

    Brilliant idea! Doesn't the condensation on the bottle affect the stickiness of the tape??

  • Bill Volk

    No; it works just fine. It does tend to dry out, however, so I replace the tape annually.

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