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Fabric-covered kitchen cabinets

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fabric covered kitchen cabinetsHaving previously used wallpaper to cover my kitchen cabinets, I'm ready to change them for a new look. Since I get bored fairly easily with my decor, I like to spruce things up about every six months, and I am so itching for newly decorated cabinets.

Thanks to help from Tipnut, I found the perfect kitchen cabinet makeover project over on Tres Chic Veronique. Using pretty fabric covered in bees and honeycombs, Veronique cut the fabric an extra inch on each side, then hammered in thumbtacks to secure the fabric to the cabinet door.

I read in the comment section of Veronique's post that Scotchgaurd was used to help eliminate grease and stains when the fabric is wiped down. If you, like me, are unsure of whether or not you want to use regular fabric on your cabinets, then maybe the best alternative would be to use oilcloth, since that can be wiped down easily.


  • Veronique

    Thanks for featuring me!
    I admit that I covered my kitchen cabinets on an impulse, and didn't really think about how to clean them... It took me one Saturday afternoon to do though, so perhaps I can simply choose a different fabric when this one gets dirty? ;)
    Using oilcloth is a brilliant idea!

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