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Repeat your hairstyle success

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I caught a re-run of Shear Genius last week, and the topic was timely for me. During the show, hair stylists cut and styled women's hair. But the twist was that for judging, the women needed to replicate the style on their own.

I know I've been in that type of predicament with my hair before. I'll sit in a stylist's chair and love, love, love what they did. But the next day I discover that I'm completely incapable of recreating the style on my own. Unless you're lucky enough to have the funds to pay for a personal stylist, what good is a hair cut if you can't style it yourself?

Last Friday I got a pretty drastic hair cut. I sat there watching inches of my hair fall to the floor and worried that I wouldn't be able to style it myself. Then I remembered the episode of Shear Genius, and I decided to take a few tips from the show. I'll share some ideas after the break.

  • If you're looking for a big change in hair style, be sure to bring in pictures of styles you like. When searching for styles, keep your face shape and your hair's texture in mind. Also, if you don't like spending a lot of time on your hair, don't pick out styles that require a lot of maintenance. Instead of just bringing in one photo, bring in several ideas.
  • Discuss the looks you like with your stylist. Odds are, one or two of the styles may not be that flattering for your face shape or may not work well with your texture. Your stylist is the expert -- instead of shoving a picture at him or her and saying that's what you want, go in with ideas for inspiration and talk to your stylist about options.
  • Find out what products your stylist is using in your hair. If the salon-quality products are too pricey, ask what store brands your stylist would recommend. Also pay attention to how your stylist applies the products.
  • Make sure you're facing the mirror or have a hand mirror at all times. In order to re-do the style, you need to see how it's done.
  • Ask questions! Ask your stylist to give you a play-by-play so you can replicate the style yourself. Better yet, give it a shot yourself. It's one thing to watch and listen... doing it yourself is even better.
  • Once you get to your car or get back home, jot down some quick notes on how to do your hair. After a few days, it will become routine, but it's a good idea to write down some reminders while the steps are fresh in your mind.
Saturday morning, I was thrilled to find that I could style my new 'do without any problem! My stylist was more than happy to spend a few extra minutes making sure I knew what I was doing. Some stylists may not be as patient as mine was.

But in my opinion, while you do need to be respectful of the clients they have lined up behind you, there's nothing wrong with requesting a few minutes of instruction. After all, there's no better advertisement than a referral from someone with a great haircut.

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