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colorful flower arrangement with lilies

Leave it to Better Homes and Gardens. Somehow, they're able to inspire me without making me feel like a second-rate Martha Stewart wanna-be.

Since we joined our CSA farm last year, it's been a pleasure to have new fresh flowers in the house every week. BHG has created a gallery of flower arrangements that can be done in five minutes, and that look positively stunning. Some of their winning combinations:
  • poppies surrounded by hosta leaves
  • geranium leaves, roses, and trailing vines
  • lavender stems and geranium leaves
  • hydrangeas with bachelor buttons
  • mounded zinneas with bleeding heart foliage
What I really love about BHG's arrangements is that most of the blooms could be found in your own garden, or even in a wild flower field. That makes these arrangements economical, too.

I've been combining wild yarrow with daylilies and daisies for a pretty display on my kitchen's center island. What's you favorite quick and easy flower arrangement?



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