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More staycation ideas

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row of kites flying in the blue sky

Earlier this week, I wrote a post with some ideas for planning every family staycation. As I was browsing the Internet today, I found that lots of other people have great ideas, too, but that the most unique ones came from Better Homes and Gardens.

BHG put together a gallery of their 25 best staycation ideas. Some of their more unique activities include:
  • turning your home into a spa -- Make some spa-quality products at home and let the pampering begin: for your face, your hands and body, and your feet.
  • going on a family bike ride
  • flying a kite
  • having a field day for the kids -- Or, create your own summer camp.
  • organizing a block party -- You coulc choose to do this in a Mexican or Hawaiian theme, some of BHG's other party ideas.
Whatever you decide to do on your staycation, it seems that the common themes are relaxing and enjoying the people in your life. What's your favorite staycation activity?


  • Julie Ann Shahin

    My husband and I decided to order an inflatable kayak!!!! We are waiting for it to arrive. That will be the highlight of our staycation. My friends and I are documenting our staycations and have crafty projects too for staycations at

  • Tim Parish

    Well, we take one of those suggestions to heart - flying kites! In fact, we have devoted an entire website to this activity. Designing, building and flying a whole range of very cheap homemade kites based on classic designs. Your visitors might like to check out the fruits of our labours at My Best Kite

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