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Olympic crafts to get you in the spirit

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Tissue paper Olympic torchBack in the 1964 Winter Olympics, my uncle won the only gold medal for the US team. Even though it took place before I was born, it's still something the family is so proud of. We're a family that gets pretty excited about the Olympics... because we know that it's a dream that can really come true.

You can get your family geared up for the Olympics with some of these simple crafts:

Some simple crafts can help make watching the Olympics even more fun. And, if you have kids, these crafts are great ways to pique their interest and they provide a great opportunity for education about the spirit and history of the Olympic Games.

  • Bioretention

    We could also teach our kids about the corrupt IOC and why this charade of "amateur athletes" is a total farce.

  • Omen

    Where do I get a model paper tibetan that we can abuse or set on fire?

    For spirit'n'all.

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