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Here at DIY Life, posts about weddings are always popular, but often, posts about knit and crochet patterns come in a close second.

I thought it might be interesting to combine the two, by looking at a few free patterns for wedding cakes made from yarn. (Hey, they don't have to be frozen, and they never get stale!)

  • Crochet Today's Crochet Confection cake pattern (PDF download) is, at 4"x8", life-sized. It's an easy, single-tier cake that you can display on a stand over a form.
  • Berroco's Buttercream is also life-sized, but this one is a tiered cake with flowers; it can be used to store dishes. It's made in their Ultra Alpaca, but any other worsted-weight yarn should work just as well.
  • On the miniature side, there are the Norma Lynn Cake Sachets. Several of the designs here, like the Two-Tier Cake and the Clumsy Cake, seem wedding-appropriate, though they're part of a collection of desserts. The second page of cake sachet patterns has a triple-tier wedding cake with flower toppers and ruffled trim.

Suggested uses? The sachets would make great giveaways at a bridal shower; they'd also make nice package decorations for gifts. Some of the projects might make cute gifts for attendants, in the right kind of wedding. They would be fun commemorations of a special anniversary, or whimsical decor in the right kind of room. Professional wedding planners could also probably appreciate them.

Outside of the wedding framework, you can always choose different colors, changing the "wedding cake" into a "birthday cake" -- or merely making a cute trinket for a friend who loves sweet desserts.

And if you're looking for more patterns like this, check out an older post of mine -- Amigurumi-o-rama: Crocheted Food.

  • jjpg2000

    Whats up with this blog? I try to read it everyday, but you folks haven't posted anything new sense last Thursday. What gives?

  • M.E. Williams

    DIY Life is on an indefinite hiatus -- in other words, we're no longer in operation, but there's a small possibility that we may reappear at some future point.

  • Rocketboy

    Ah, thanks AOL for killing yet another thing that I read.

    It's like they don't want me as a customer.

    And wow, it didn't take long for the spam.

  • piekid

    How nice of you to tell us about the hiatus. /sarcasm

  • M.E. Williams

    See above for where I posted about the hiatus. =\

    We really didn't have much warning ourselves, and the decision of whether or not to make a "final post" explaining the situation wasn't up to any of the individual writers, including me.

  • MCW

    Great, you've bowed out to Gawker and given up.

    It figures, the only blog about DIY projects, and AOL drops it. Well done.

  • Edsel

    I'm very disappointed this blog is being terminated. I checked this site daily and found it very inspirational. Unlike other AOL blogs that engender a great deal of participatory opinions, DIY-Life is not "controversial" but it is hugely influential, nonetheless. I hope AOL re-activates this blog. This was one of the few delightful internet blogs that was cross generational and not gender specific. Our entire family enjoyed DIY-Life.

  • Sara

    I'm bummed, but it's not very nice for us readers to be so angry at the bloggers. It's not in their hands and while a blog is a "free publication" it doesn't mean we have the right to be nasty. The sense of entitlement online is sad.

  • MCW

    It's not so much a sense of entitlement, it's just that when everything you love get's flushed down the toilet by Time Warner and AOL, two of the most hated and reviled companies in the world, you tend to be more than a little angry that they could care less what you think. Next, it'll be Cinematical or one of the 30 Engadget sites... then how will you feel when they decide to put it on hiatus because the site didn't manage to sell them a "*FREE* Credit CHECK!!!"?

  • Street Trees

    Kinda looks like an Xmas tree instead of a wedding cake:

  • Tina

    Wow thats amazing, im getting married soon, and we do not have money to buy an expensive cake. Maybe this would work.

    Greetz Tina -

  • Mona


    Greetz Mona -

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