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A wooden pail planter
There's a lot of wooden objects that you just don't want to bring back indoors: patio furniture, picnic tables, planters, etc. One thing they have in common is the ability to stand up to wind, heat, and rain. You don't have to buy the expensive stuff, just make your own!

Water-repellent preservative recipe

As with any other time you mix various potentially hazardous or flammable materials, take precautions and ventilate the area properly. Mix together:
  • 2 gal. Mineral spirits, Turpentine, or #1 or #2 fuel oil
  • 5/8 qts. Boiled Linseed Oil
  • 3/16 lb. Paraffin Wax
  • 1 qt. Penta concentrate 10:1
  • 1 to 3 fluid oz Color Pigment / gallon of the above mix
The paraffin must be melted in a double boiler; if you try to use a regular pan, fire is a very real possibility (keep an extinguisher close.) Let your concoction age overnight before applying it and stir it well; the pigments will settle.

  • Carrie

    And this is easier and less expensive than buying it off the shelf? I don't think the possibility that I could burn down my house is worth whatever savings there are. I very much doubt that anyone (except the Unibomber) has these ingredients laying around the house.

  • Peter

    Excellent! This is so popular in my neighborhood, that people have started buying it from me. Don't listen to people that keep their two braincells in a comfort sphere, like Carrie. They will never figure out what DIY is all about.

  • Susie

    The second I read the headline I had a bizarre flash to a Gilligan's Island when they made a syrup to waterproof one of their getaway rafts. I think the sharks liked the taste of it and ate the raft.

  • Rangga

    ow this is nice! one of my friends showed the video on making this. but I forget where it was. thanks for the "recipe" though :P

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