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How to Make Microwave S'mores

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little boy eating a microwave s'more

By Francesca Clarke

S'mores are traditionally melted over a blazing camp fire. I enjoyed these summer evening treats when I was younger, and want to pass on the ooey-gooey tradition to the sweet toothed kids in my life. We just can't get out in front of a campfire this year, but that isn't going to stop us from indulging in the graham cracker goodness.

When I first heard about microwave s'mores, I was horrified at the whole idea. I really thought that s'mores should be left where they belong: on the campgrounds.

After trying them, it's all I can do to not microwave one for myself right now.

All you do is top a graham cracker with a piece of thin chocolate and a marshmallow, and melt it in the microwave for about 7 seconds. The kids will love watching how the marshmallow expands to a large size while it's being cooked. Pull it out, top it with another graham cracker, and they're ready to eat.

ehow suggests adding peanut butter, but I guess I'm a purist (or as much of one as I could be, considering I'm microwaving them!), because I prefer them the traditional way. If you want to avoid the microwave, you could try Anna's outdoor mini-s'mores grill.

Diane has everything you'll need to create a stay-cation campout, so set up a pretend fire, sing some camp songs, and microwave s'mores, all without leaving home. You won't get the whole experience, but you will have a great time!


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