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diamond-shaped sprinkler made from PVC pipesBy Debra McDuffee

Make a sprinkler? Why on earth would you do that when you can go out to just about any store and grab a cheap one for less than ten dollars?

I'll tell you why:

  • You could be reusing waste materials from other projects to make your sprinkler.
  • It's an easy and fun project you could even do with the kids.
  • Speaking of kids, you could make an impressive play sprinkler for them to romp about in.
  • You could create a system that would water your entire lawn.
OK, so maybe you can't do the whole project with the kids (unless yours are old enough to help drill holes), but you can work with them to plan an elaborate sprinkler that will entertain them on hot summer days.

Using lengths of PVC pipe, attach them in any shape you wish, then drill holes. Instructables has all the details on creating this homemade water sprinkler.

Sure, you could make the simple diamond the tutorial suggests, or you could step out of the box and create an animal shape, a castle, or a car. Now that would really get the neighbors' attention!

[via Make]


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