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Homemade Frozen Treats To Help You Chill

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frozen banana ice creamBy Anna Sattler

For the last couple of days, the weather has been humid, without much wind to cool it off. It was hot enough outside that I had to split the lawn mowing into two days. I will not complain, though, as I will take the heat, sans humidity, any day of the year.

Unfortunately, it gets pretty hot in my house too, as we don't have much shade or air conditioning. It wasn't enough that I had cold water to drink: I needed something more to help cool down my body temperature. I wasn't prepared, but next time, you can bet I will be with these 6 simple frozen treats I can concoct myself.

The ever-frugal Linsey Knerl wanted to help her family stay cool this summer, so she went on a hunt for homemade frozen treat recipes that could help her to save a little money, and keep her kids from consuming too much sugar.

You can make your own frozen fruit juice bars and homemade ice cream bars. Save yourself some calories this summer: try making your own homemade pudding pops.

I must admit, my favorite of the treats that Linsey shared is the banana dipped in melted chocolate...yum! What is your favorite frozen treat?

[via: Lifehacker]


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