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six pack caddy
There are a lot of great reasons to pick up a six pack of some cold, icy beverage in the summertime -- grilling, boating and lounging at the beach, for instance. But before you toss out those six pack rings or that cardboard six pack bottle holder after your brew is gone, consider the idea that you could put them to work for you instead.

Six pack rings, especially, are dangerous to marine wildlife. Birds and fish can get tangled in the rings, leaving them unable to eat or swim. Cutting the rings before disposing of them is one way to make them safer, and cardboard six packs can always be recycled. But as DIYers know, reusing is more frugal and more fun!

Here are six great ways to reuse a six pack holder:

Plastic Six Pack Rings

  • Closet Organizer: Loop a six pack ring over a hanger in your closet. Use it like a (free, DIY) Wonder Hanger, or loop scarves and neckties through the holes to keep them organized.
  • Make a Chair: You need somewhere to sit while you enjoy that six pack, right? Use those extra six pack holders to make a modern, stylish and weatherproof chair -- or even better, a hammock -- for relaxing in your backyard oasis.
  • Rainy Day Craft: Keep your kids busy with this rainy day or playdate craft, a ribbon bracelet. Cut out one six pack ring to make the bracelet, then decorate by tying on bits of ribbon, lace, fabric or gift wrapping packaging.

Cardboard Six Pack Bottle Holders

  • Grab-N-Go Picnic Caddy: Replace those bottles of beer with bottles of ketchup, mustard and relish. Use a cardboard six pack holder to hold condiments, silverware and napkins during your next barbecue.
  • Science Fiction: Help Junior create a place to play with all of his favorite action figures. Use a six pack bottle holder to create this starship, and he'll won't complain about being bored the rest of the summer.
  • Get Organized: A six pack bottle holder lends itself to organization. Use it to sort cosmetics, beauty products, washcloths, paintbrushes, socks or tools ... you get the picture! You can even organize your craft supplies for your next DIY project. Here are tips on decorating your bottle holder to make it sturdier and more attractive.

What are your favorite unusual uses for six pack rings or bottle holders? Share your ideas with us in comments.

  • Heather

    OMG this is genius!

  • denise

    Awesome Ideas

  • Bethany Sanders

    Thanks Denise!

  • niki

    one could also try to make a magazine holder out of the bottle holders. i made mine by covering a holder with colorful magazine paper and making handles out of paper. looked like a small bag n served as a good holder for magazines and newspapers.

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