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pencil holderIt's pouring down rain, the kids are getting restless -- time for a craft to keep everyone busy! The perfect kiddie craft -- in my opinion, anyway -- is one that you can create out of items you've already got laying around your house. And it's also really helpful when you create something that can make your life easier down the road.

Today's craft achieves both those goals. A marker cap pencil holder is made from the caps of used up markers and one lone sock -- things you can rescue from the trashcan. And when it's complete, it'll make an adorable place for your kiddo to keep their pens and pencils organized while they're doing homework this fall.

Difficulty rating: Easy

You'll need:

  • a clean, dry tuna can
  • several marker caps
  • one old sock
  • felt
  • ribbon
  • various embellishments
  • glue

Take a look at the gallery below for easy step-by-step directions.

Marker Cap Pencil Holder(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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